The first showcase of 2015


Ft Myers Minor League Complex 4301 Edison Ave., Fort Myers, Florida 33916

The Indy Pro Showcase which is in its 9th season once again will start getting players jobs at the first showcase of the year February 25-26 in Ft. Myers, Florida. Indy Pro Showcase has gotten over 800 players jobs including Baseball America’s #1 Indy Prospect 3 out of the last 6 years. We are so proud and excited to get these kids a chance and watch them parlay that into professional success”, said IPS co founder Nick Belmonte. “The Frontier League alone had 7 of our former discoveries play in their All Star game last year”, he added. “ We supply that chance that most kids that don’t get drafted or released too early need”, said Dave Marcon IPS co founder. The Indy Pro Showcase does not overcrowd so space is limited. Sign up on the registration page.

Indy Pro Showcase’s Eric Anderson

Indy Pro Showcase’s Eric Anderson named number one Independent League prospect


It was announced that Indy Pro Showcase discovery right handed pitcher Eric Anderson was selected by Baseball America as the number one unsigned independent league prospect for the 2014 season.

The list was selected by J.J. Cooper of Baseball America. Cooper said that to put the list together he used his scouting information from his files, as many of these guys were big name college players, and he spoke to the managers and player personnel from around the various independent leagues. “We are very proud of Eric and what he accomplished with the opportunity we gave him in the Frontier League. This is the second #1 Prospect we’ve had in the last 4 years(Marshall Schuler 2011). This is the reason why undrafted players need to come to an Indy Pro Showcase in 2015. You could be that guy next year”, said IPS founder Nick Belmonte

San Jose Showcase July

Pro Showcase Announces San Jose Showcase July 26th-27th

Indy Pro Showcase which has gotten over 1000 players signed in the past 7 years is going back to the Northern California area for the second year in a row.

“This area is a fertile ground for talent as we found out last year and is a great place to get a chance to finish out the season with a club for 2014”, said IPS co-founder Nick Belmonte.

Among others, the San Jose Showcase last year netted pitchers Kyle Hassna from San Jose State and Robert Ramer from Purdue, both having good years both in 2013 and 2014. It also saw Felician College player Victor Montegudo parlay this showcase into a job as a catcher with the Colorado Rockies.

“We know will get kids jobs again from this showcase as it is not too late to finish the 2014 season somewhere.”, Belmonte added.

The Showcase will take place at Saratoga High School  20300 Herriman Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070, just outside San Jose. Just a reminder — the St Petersburg Showcase sold out, so don’t delay as the showcases are limited space.

Success as Big as Texas

The Indy Pro Showcase which took place in Houston, April 15-16 2014, was record breaking in terms of the percentage of players that got jobs. 37 player out of the 51, a staggering 73% of the players that attended, got jobs spanning five different Independent Leagues “Houston has always been fertile ground for us but this year was exceptional”, said Indy Pro Showcase founder Nick Belmonte. Out of the players chosen there were 17 position players and 20 pitchers taken from both college and MLB released players. “I can’t wait to see how many players we can get an opportunity for in our next showcase which takes place June 24-25, in St. Petersburg at the Walter Fuller Complex” Belmonte added.

The Indy Pro Showcase

The Indy Pro Showcase was created by Nick Belmonte and Dave Marcon to help the players that were not drafted or were not seen by professional scouts to fulfill their dream of playing professional baseball. To find the proverbial “diamond in the rough”. To date, Nick and Dave have helped (signed) over 1,200 players fulfill their dreams. The goal is to find that player that was overlooked and get him playing immediately.

In the last three years alone, 9 players discovered through the Indy Pro Showcase have been signed by MLB organizations!